Boston set to get only the fourth ‘Nerf Zone’ in the country

Boston Bowl and Playtowers is set to get a Nerf Centre. Picture for illustration purposes only. Photo: Alan Miller.
Boston Bowl and Playtowers is set to get a Nerf Centre. Picture for illustration purposes only. Photo: Alan Miller.

Boston is set to be the fourth town in the country to get a ‘Nerf Zone’.

Boston Bowl and Playtowers, in Rochford Tower Lane, has been granted permission by the borough council for the zone which will see youngsters test their Nerf skills against each other .

The Nerf series of toys include plastic guns which shoot velcro-tipped foam darts to stick to Nerf vests and can be tipped with suction cups to stick to smooth surfaces.

The darts fit in magazines, and include a number of variations including camouflage, colour swap and glow in the dark - some can even whistle in flight.

The activity will be carried out in a dedicated controlled environment with staff reportedly providing ‘non-stop activities’.

The owners say they feel the new Nerf Zone will not only attract a large number of visitors from the local area but will also provide a tourist attraction for the large number of holiday makers visiting the area.

Manager of the business Fiona Watts said: “We are hoping that this will put Boston on the map and provide a great family entertainment centre.

“We will be creating more jobs and hopefully more footfall through Boston.

“The planning department was very helpful and made the whole process very easy.”

The only other current Nerf facilities are in Matlock Bath, Milton Keynes and Warrington.

Pre-application discussions between the owners of Boston Bowl and planning officers at Boston Borough Council saw two main issues regarding the proposed new access and the retention of the important boundary treatments were resolved.

The plans include a mezzanine level visible from the ground floor to provide customers with a café facility with balustrade looking over the climbing walls and Nerf zone.

This will create additional floor space, incorporating a replacement feature entrance with a new layout to optimise space but which the owners say will be sympathetic to the existing main building, and respect neighbouring properties.

The plans also include the introduction of a key indoor children’s activity

Planning permission was granted for extensions and alterations to the existing Boston Bowl and Playtowers facility and includes a climbing wall, new entrance area, toddlers’ soft play area and new vehicular access and is planned to be completed in 2017.

An application has been made to secure European funding in order to bring this further improved community facility to Boston.