Boston shoe box total is a new record

Children in Kiev with their donations.
Children in Kiev with their donations.

An annual festive shoe box appeal run by the Rotary Club of Boston St Botolph has enjoyed a record response in 2018.

The scheme gives people in the Boston area the chance to spread some seasonal joy to disadvantaged people in Eastern European countries by filling a shoe box with gifts.

Shoe boxes were available to collect from the Stump, in Boston, from October to return to the club by early November.

This year, a record number of gift-laden boxes were handed back, 393 in all, along with five large cartons, each containing teddies, dolls, large toys, clothing, and footwear.

These donations joined others collected by Rotary groups elsewhere in the country and were delivered to families and elderly people in need in the Kiev district of the Ukraine in time for Christmas.

“Boston people do care about those in need and their Christmas gifts will bring Christmas cheer and a little happiness to unknown friends,” said organiser of the Boston St Botolph appeal John Wright.