Boston Stump kneelers were saved after the flood

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Every single one of Boston Stump’s kneelers that were hit by the town’s floods will be restored to their former glories.

It was feared that many of the cushion-like objects – which can be used by members of the congregation during prayer – would have to be binned after more than a foot of water entered St Botolph’s when the Haven burst its banks on December 5.

But the church says people can rest assured that all 365 kneelers – which are individually dedicated to worshippers who have passed away – have been saved.

Father Chris Wedge said: “All the kneelers have been decontaminated and are currently in the process of being dried and professionally cleaned.”

Sunday and midweek worship has also resumed at the Stump, and Midnight Mass will go ahead as usual at 11.30pm on Christmas Eve.