Boston Stump shores up defences in face of flood warning

Photo: Chris Woods.
Photo: Chris Woods.

St Botolph’s Church, in Boston, has been preparing for any potential flooding this afternoon with more than 20 people helping out.

Volunteers and staff at the church along with local residents have been helping to move items to the highest part of the church since about 1pm.

Floodgates have also been erected for the narrower doors to the church.

Angie Kisby, from the Parish of Boston, said: “This is because of the series flood warning. The potential is there for a tidal surge which could come over the top of the river wall and come into The Stump.

“After the last flood we put together a detailed flood management plan.

“This afternoon has gone well, we’ve had massive support from the local community.”

Photo: Chris Woods.

Photo: Chris Woods.

A flood warning was put in place for waterside properties between Town Bridge and Haven Bridge in Boston at 3.36pm and says ‘flooding is expected immediate action required’.

It reads: “Stormy conditions are forecast, leading to high tidal levels through Boston.

“The forecast water levels are not expected to reach the top of the defences, and we only expect minor impacts due to seepage and some localised pooling of water behind the defences.

“Areas that could experience minor impacts are at waterside properties between Town Bridge and Haven bridge in Boston.

Photo: Chris Woods.

Photo: Chris Woods.

“Coastal conditions should ease by Sunday, however we are continuing to monitor the situation and will update this message if the situation changes.

“We have inspected all our flood defences and are closing flood gates ahead of high tide.”

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Residents can also follow #LincsStormSurge on Facebook and are advised to follow local media for updates.