BREAKING NEWS: Assembly Rooms nightclub plans passed

An application to change the use of Boston’s historic Assembly Rooms to include nightclub usage has been passed by the borough council today (Tuesday).

The application went before Boston Borough Council’s planning committee this afternoon where concerns were raised about the amount of noise which might affect local businesses.

Matt Clark at the Assembly Rooms

Matt Clark at the Assembly Rooms

However, conditions have been imposed which limit the amount of sound which can be created.

Speaking at the meeting, owner Matt Clark said the application was trying to show how the owners were bringing the building back into use.

He said: “Whilst there is scaremongering over nightclub usage, it’s a side that it’s been used for, for a number of years - gathering, drinking and dancing.”

Coun Derek Richmond said he wanted to see the council grant the application.

He said: “What’s being asked for is nothing more than what’s there at the moment. All my life this has been used as a dance hall.

“I don’t see this being any different to what it was initially set out to be.”

Council leader Peter Bedford also recalled a particular night when The Band from County Hell were playing and ‘you could hear it from the other side of the market;.

Concerns were raised by the director of the White Hart over the amount of noise from the river facing windows and whether it would disturb guests.

However, a condition to keep the noise below a certain level has been made.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Clark said it was great news for his business and the town as a whole.

He said the next stages were to make an application to change the internal of the listed building.

He also moved to reassure the public that the plans would try not to live up to the ‘stigma’ of nightclub usage.

No objections had been received to the application.

The plans will be granted by delegation when the consultation ends on June 5 unless ‘any significant representations’ which raise issues not considered by the report are recieved.