120 homes passed despite flood fears

A BIG housing development in Boston has been given the go-ahead despite concerns about the flood risk.

A 10.5-acre area of open countryside between Boston West Primary School, Peter Paine Sports Centre and south of the North Forty Foot Drain, is to become the site for up to 120 new homes.

The planning application originally received an objection from the Environment Agency (EA) due to flood risk, but this objection was withdrawn the night before Boston Borough Council’s planning committee met on Tuesday afternoon last week.

About 30 per cent of the new homes will be affordable housing.

The EA withdrew its objections to the development as the need for housing was said to be greater than the flood risk.

However, conditions to be met by the developers, Broadgate Homes Ltd, are to not build any single-storey homes, and to use materials which would be more resilient to water and easier to clean in the event of a flood.

The EA confirmed the potential depth of flooding on the site is in the range of one-two metres above ground level. They recommended the finished floor level of the properties is raised a minimum of one metre.

Coun Paul Gleeson said at the meeting: “The homes should have proper facilities at first floor level to act as a refuge.”

Coun Michael Brookes, said: “We do need this housing in the borough and the affordable housing that goes with it.

“There is scope at the school there for it to be extended so I’m happy from that point-of-view.”

Voicing concerns about potential crime at the new site, Coun Helen Staples said the developers should install a CCTV camera.

Cabinet voted to approve planning for the development.

Access to the new site will be from Ashton Hall Drive.