130 jobs on offer...and only 11 applicants

A JOB advert which sought to find people to fill 130 positions at a vegetable company in Boston attracted just 11 applicants in its first week.

Staples Vegetables, in Wrangle, was aiming to find field workers, but applications were not as forthcoming as the firm had hoped.

Of those who applied for the jobs, eight were British and three were foreign nationals. Ten were living in Lincolnshire though not necessarily Boston.

Bosses at the Marsh Farm headquarters have said it is not unusual to receive such a low volume of applicants.

Sales director Vernon Read told The Standard: “We get different amounts of applications each time we advertise; we have this week and had a good response for mechanic-type positions from all backgrounds.

“Nearly all field work is carried out by immigrant labour, presumably there is not the interest from other workers.”

An advert in The Standard last week called for farm mechanics and digestion plant assistants at the Marsh Farm site.

The company has submitted a planning application to increase the number of caravans it uses for agricultural workers

The application states: “There is now a need for further accommodation to house seasonal workers so the farming company does not have to rely on the use of gang labour provided by agencies.

“In addition, agency staff often travel long distances to get to the farm which creates sustainability issues, they occupy homes at the cheaper end of the housing scale thereby depriving the indigenous population of affordable dwellings and housing a transient foreign population in settled indigenous communities causes community cohesion issues.”