2014 online: The most viewed stories on the Boston Standard’s website


Deputy editor Andrew Brookes takes a look at the stories that attracted the most views on our website in 2014...

One thing that strikes you when looking at the stories that were among the most viewed in the last 12 months is that some are desperately sad.

It’s important to remember that that doesn’t necessarily mean the year has been all doom and gloom - or indeed that we’re all only interested in the bad things that do go on.

The stories which gain most views online tend to be ‘breaking’ news events - often those are, sadly, road traffic incidents which lead to death or serious injury. The fact these are ‘real time’ news events means the website is often the most appropriate way for us to be able to report and for you to find out about them.

You’ll find that many of these links were not front page news - and, despite what I’ve said, not all are sad.

Amazingly our April Fools story about ITV lining up The Only Way Is Boston topped the charts in April. I’ve always tried to defend journalists against the accusation that ‘you lot just make stuff up’ but here was one occasion where I did just make it up...and it proved popular. Don’t worry though, I won’t make it a regular occurence.

Sport is always a popular part of our website and this year Boston United attracted a number of big name clubs for friendly fixtures - you’ll note that news of the Pilgrims’ game against Nottingham Forest was the most viewed story in July.

It’s also been a sad year for the people who run Kirton Co-op. You’ll notice news of the ramraid and robbery were highly viewed in November and December - we have to hope the store is spared any further bad news in 2015.

The most viewed stories on www.bostonstandard.co.uk for each month

January: Wheelchair hit by truck on John Adams Way

February: Teenage moped rider dies in village crash

March: Emergency services close off town centre road

April: ITV line up The Only Way is Boston

May: Body found in river in Boston

June: Crash involving pedestrian and car in Boston

July: Boston United 1 Nottingham Forest 4

August: Teenager dies in Brothertoft collision

September: Boston traffic troubles

October: Body found in Anderby Creek believed to be missing woman

November: Ram-raid on Kirton Co-op

December: Armed robbery at Kirton Co-op