£4m Lotto win is no ‘poultry’ amount for workers!

Lottery winners, from left, Christine Mowat, Andrew Mowat, John Bell, Chris Bell and Joe Burton.
Lottery winners, from left, Christine Mowat, Andrew Mowat, John Bell, Chris Bell and Joe Burton.

DREAMS have come true for a poultry factory worker from Kirton after scopping a share of more than £4 million on the Lotto.

Joe Burton along with John and Chris Bell, from Coningsby, and Andrew Mowat, from Lincoln won £4,197,764 on the Lotto Jackpot on Saturday, February 5. They all, except Chris, work or had worked at Moy Park Poultry and Food Processors in Anwwick.

A fifth syndicate member wished to remain anonymous.

John and Chris had seven lines between them of the 10 line syndicate after taking over colleagues’ lines when they left the company and the couple banked a whopping £2,938,434.80. Andrew and Joe had one line each and both won £419,776.40.

Joe is the only syndicate winner who is staying in his job at Moy Park.

He said: “I stayed in my job as a servicer because I don’t want to retire now and have to go back when the money is gone.”

Speaking at the Lincolnshire Oak Hotel in Sleaford on Monday, John said: “I went into the office on Sunday morning and my manager said I didn’t look myself.

“I said, ‘I think we’ve won the Lottery’ and we checked the numbers in the paper. This amount of money is life-changing without a doubt.”

All of the winners are planning to buy, or have already bought, bungalows with their winnings.

Andrew and his wife Christine have already purchased a two-bedroom bungalow in Elgin, Scotland, after falling in love with the place on a recent holiday. They are planning to move there in six weeks.

Joe is also planning to invest his money in a bungalow at Kirton so that he and his dad can retire there.

John and Chris are taking their time finding the right place for them and are not going to let their new riches change them.

John said: “We haven’t gone and bought anything big like a new car. Why would I want a car? I don’t drive and I’ll be getting my free bus pass next year and we still shop for bargains.”

Chris added: “It just goes to show that dreams do come true, eventually.”

The winning ticket was bought from Brown’s Newsagents in Coningsby and was one of two winning tickets which shared a roll-over jackpot.