A brighter future is set for Wormgate

PLANS are afoot to revitalise Boston’s Wormgate shopping area after businesses criticised the authorities for ‘neglecting’ the street.

As the Standard reported last month, issues in the pedestrianised Wormgate involved surface water not draining away, sunken cobble stones, motorists illegally driving down there, shop fronts being splashed with water, rotten and outdated street signs and dirty street lamps.

Now, with improvements having already been made, there are renewed plans to refurbish the area to attract more shoppers.

“The reaction we’ve had since the article has been very positive,” said Marc Batchelor, owner of Misa gift and accessories shop.

“We organised a meeting between the businesses here and have discussed possible improvements to be made and how business owners can help to implement them.”

Since our article, the Victorian-style street lamps have been cleaned by Lincolnshire County Council.

Boston BID has also repositioned the pedestrainised area road sign and spent some time pointing this out to motorists. They have also taken down the outdated Wormgate sign board at the bottom of Fountain Lane, along with general tidying and weeding.

“It’s looking much smarter and brighter already and there has been less traffic too,” added Mr Batchelor.

BID manager Niall Armstrong, said: “We have sent someone to paint the bollards at the car park on Fountain lane, adjacent to Wormgate, and are looking at proposals to replace the old sign board.”

At the meeting, held on Monday last week, business owners discussed further plans to improve the area.

These included further enforcement of the pedestrianised area, CCTV coverage to avoid vandalism, re-paving the street and better signage at the entry points into Wormgate.

Mr Armstrong concluded: “I think Wormgate is one of the nicest parts of Boston but it seems to have lost a lot of footfall – and we need to get this back if the area is to survive.”