An icy departure for Eismann’s staff

MORE than 200 Boston area customers of Eismann UK frozen foods company will no longer receive home deliveries as

the company went bust this week.

All seven employees at the Boston depot have been made redundant after the company announced it is now in administration.

One of the Boston employees, Michelle Beck, told The Standard: “We were told on Saturday morning that we would no longer be in operation as of today (Monday).

“It came as a complete shock as we were given no prior indication that the company was failing.”

At the time of going to press, The Standard was yet to receive a response on the closures and job losses from the company’s head office in Bedford.

One of 12 in the country, the Boston depot, situated on the Norfolk Street Industrial Estate, catered for some 3,000 customers, covering a huge area from the Humber down to King’s Lynn.

Michelle estimated they had more than 200 customers in the Boston area alone.

“My concern is it doesn’t appear as though anyone has taken responsibility for letting all our customers know,” said Michelle.

“I think it’s disgusting if they are not doing this. My phone has been ringing constantly with customers wanting to know where we are. There are several elderly customers who relied on our deliveries – it’s really sad.”

Michelle revealed one of their customers at the Boston depot was due a delivery worth £120 - which was already paid for.

“I’m not sure what will happen now and it’s looking like some of us might not get paid for January,” said Michelle, 37. “All I can do now is visit the Job Centre.”

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