Bid to boost trade through Boston docks

Kamil I. Kolancali (centre), with
Kamil I. Kolancali (centre), with

A FISH merchant is hoping talks with Dutch auction owners will bring better prices and more trade to the area’s fishermen.

Fishtoft-based Kamil Koloncali, owner of Nanne and Son fish merchants, met with the management of United Fish Auctions to discuss how the market based in Stellandam, could benefit the area.

It is hoped fishermen in the area and the surrounding five counties could use the auctions to sell catches as far afield as Moscow.

Mr Kolancali, who won an award for highest trader in 2009 and biggest trader in 2008, said: “It was a very successful meeting. Hopefully this will contribute to the economy and create jobs for Boston and boost five counties.”

Johan van Nieuwenhuyzen, the managing director of United Fish Auctions and general manager Win Harteveld explained the partnership would be based on trust and feedback.

Mr Harteveld said: “We can help fishermen here to sell on the mainland.

“The selling system we use includes around 75 buyers everyday and 75 buyers on the internet.”

They said that if high-quality fish came their way and was sold they would tell the fishermen but equally would also relay back when poor quality fish arrived at the market, and said this would help the fishermen improve their hauls.

Mr Kolancali said fishermen could choose to use him as a middleman, or could deal directly with the auction company with his help.

It comes at a time when fishermen say they are struggling due to EU regulations and the high costs associated with fishing in the area.