Borough bucks county’s unemployment trend

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UNEMPLOYMENT fell in Boston during November, while the county suffered the biggest monthly rise in its claimant count this year.

The number of people out of work and claiming benefit in the county rose by 2 per cent (or 284) to 13,070 last month, the Lincolnshire Research Observatory has revealed.

The last time Lincolnshire’s claimant count had such a spike was last December, when it climbed by 3 per cent to 15,527.

In Boston, though, the figure dropped by about one per cent (or seven) to 1,132 during November. It takes the borough’s unemployment rate down to 3.1 per cent - still above the 3 per cent county average.

East Lindsey had the biggest rise in its claimant count last month - 11 per cent (or 290) to 2,850.