Boston agricultural giants have joined forces

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TWO Boston agricultural ‘giants’ have joined forces with a deal involving a dozen blue tractors.

Boston-based Burdens Group, the New Holland tractor and machinery dealership, has struck a deal with local firm TH Clements and Son – one of the country’s leading producers of vegetables.

The deal marks a new chapter in the relationship between New Holland and TH Clements - and it is a relationship they say is built on ‘common themes’.

Both companies take their environmental credentials seriously. New Holland has a Clean Energy Leader Strategy that aims to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency – a real priority for TH Clements and Son too.

Neil Sharpe, TH Clements’ head of farming, said: “We chose New Holland after comparing its T7 tractors with a competitor. The New Holland T7 had twice the horsepower of the other tractor, but gave an average saving of 25 per cent on diesel costs.”

Norman Burden, managing director of the Burdens Group, said: “This is our first major fleet deal since we joined forces with New Holland last year. TH Clements have now taken delivery of the 12 tractors which are impressively energy efficient. As their local dealer, we can offer strong service and post-sales support.”

TH Clements and Son was established in the 1940s, and began as a 16-acre operation producing vegetables. Today it still produces cabbages, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower from more than 3,000 hectares of land in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cornwall.

Burdens Group was founded 40 years ago. Last year it joined the New Holland dealership network and began supplying products from its portfolio of agricultural machinery.