BOSTON BID VOTE: What is BID and how does it work?


With voting due to start on a possible second term for Boston BID, here’s our factfile of what the BID is and how it works...

*The BID (business improvement district)is a body funded by a compulsory levy on traders.

*The BID is run by a board of directors, who are charged with delivering a business plan.

*The business plan should deliver projects over and above those that should be provided by existing services.

*The future of the BID will be decided by a postal ballot, running from tomorrow (Thursday) until October 31.

*The ballot will be handled by the Electoral Reform Service.

*The BID will be successfully re-elected if two conditions are met: More than 50 per cent of voters must be in favour and of those who take part, the ‘yes’ vote must be more than 50 per cent of the total rateable value of the votes cast.

*The levy is one per cent of businesses rateable value, to be paid only if that is above £3,000.

*The BID business plan spells out £817,000 of spending for the next five years.

*Within the plan, £130,000 is set to be spent on staff costs.

*Its five aims are to make Boston: a safer place, better promoted, more attractive, a place to be proud of and a better place for business.

*The board of directors are Alan Ellis (Harmony Music), Jenny Brewster (Timothy Guy), Iwona Lebeidowicz (PAB Translation), Derek Taylor (Taylored Security Services), James Conduit (Sills&Betteridge), Derek Richmond (Boston Borough Council), Lesley McGarry (Oldrids), Mary Wright (Boston Stump), Matt Clark (Waterfront) and Tina Edmunds (Archie Hardwick).