Boston café takes lead in cutting loneliness

The Chatter & Natter table at the Ridge Rooms.
The Chatter & Natter table at the Ridge Rooms.

A Boston café has become the first in the town to join a national scheme designed to reduce loneliness by bringing people together for a chat.

The Ridge Rooms, in Main Ridge West, has signed up to the Chatty Café Scheme.

The initiative sees cafés create a space – a Chatter & Natter table – where customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other visitors.

This could be a five minute conversation over a drink or something longer and more in-depth

The aim, organisers say, is ‘to combat loneliness and to just maybe have a big impact on someone’s day’.

The new Chatter & Natter table at The Ridge Rooms is merely the latest way in which the business has aimed to bring people together.

At Christmas, they gave 40 of their regular customers, many of whom would have spent the festive season alone, a complimentary Christmas lunch.

On February 15, it hosted an Evening of Friendship and Food as an antidote of sorts for those feeling left out by Valentine’s Day (in a similar vein, it is holding a Mum’s Night Out on Friday, March 29, for mums and grandmothers who will be working on Mother’s Day).

Owner Leanne Hills said: “Friendships are very important, especially for those who have perhaps lost a loved one or no longer have any family living nearby, by creating a warm, friendly environment at The Ridge Rooms where everyone feels welcome and valued is as important to us as serving delicious, home cooked food – in fact, you could say it’s our not so secret ingredient.”

To find out more about The Ridge Rooms and their Chatter & Natter table, either pop into their café on 1 Main Ridge West or visit their Facebook page: