Boston’s McDonald’s gets a £500k injection and creates new jobs

A BOSTON fast-food chain has created 18 jobs in the town following a £500,000 investment and refurbishment.

The McDonald’s on Queen Street received the money, as part of a £1,555,000 investment for three restaurants in Lincolnshire by local company franchisee Martin Cuthbert. It has involved a transformation of the three restaurants and has created 50 jobs overall.

It forms part of a UK-wide plan to employ 3,000 new people in 2011 from crew to management positions and an extensive ongoing refurbishment programme.

Mr Cuthbert said: “It’s not just about providing a fresh, new environment though; we also believe in investing in people and are delighted to have created 50 new jobs as a result of the redesign programme.”

It is hoped the redesigns will provide enhanced customer service with varied seating options, free WiFi and a transformed menu including Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and organic British milk.

It will also introduce a range of energy efficient measures such as water-saving urinals, low energy hand dryers and energy-saving external signage.

Employees are promised to benefit from improved kitchen facilities and a ‘crew room’ with seating, TVs and computers to aid training in in-house qualifications.