‘Bright’ idea for electric vehicle drivers

Boston's Rolec EV has launched EV charging street lights.
Boston's Rolec EV has launched EV charging street lights.

A Boston business has launched an innovative range of charging points for electric vehicles (EV) built within energy-efficient street lighting columns.

Rolec EV, a division of the Frampton-based Rolec, has designed EV: StreetCharge in conjunction with street lighting specialists BEI Lighting and Fabrikat.

Kieron Alsop, Rolec’s managing director, said: “Our collaboration with BEI Lighting and Fabrikat has enabled us to design the street light EV charging solution the industry wanted. It is the first of its kind to house the entire EV charging point within the traditional aesthetics of a street light’s hard wearing shell.”

EV: StreetCharge units will be finished in bright green, so EV drivers can quickly and easily locate a street light containing a built-in EV charging point.

The majority of existing street lights can also be upgraded to offer EV charging points, the business says.

It adds payment for use of the charging points can be made through mobile phones, tablets, or in-car connectivity via its EV Charge Online system.