‘Businesses should realise the power of social media’

Jackie Elton
Jackie Elton

Not all Lincolnshire businesses are realising the power of social media to get in touch with their customers.

This is the view of Jackie Elton, a specialist advisor in the business use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, from New York.

“Some businesses have adopted it really well, but some don’t see the point or the potential. Business is all about making connections and social media helps you connect with your customers,” she said.

Mrs Elton, who runs Social Media Lincs (www.socialmedialincs.co.uk), said some businesses make false assumptions about who uses social media, especially when it comes to older customers: “Don’t assume it’s for a younger audience. The fastest growing new group to Facebook is the over-50s.”

She also promoted the financial benefits for small businesses and the self-employed: “It’s essentially free in terms of money. The only cost is time, but it is important to set time aside to manage your profile. You can’t just set up an online presence and expect people to find you.”

Mrs Elton (pictured) highlighted a very wide range of businesses using social media, including shops, food producers and farmers.

Top tips for using social media for your business:

○ Know your customers and use the best social platform for them

○ Make sure your content is interesting

○ Manage your social media - it doesn’t work if you don’t work it

○ If you’re unsure, get some training - you can’t afford not to use it

○ Evaluate its effectiveness - if it’s not working, change it