Butterwick firm sheds 130 staff in site closure plans


A hundred workers at a produce firm at Butterwick have taken redundancy following a period of consultation over re-structuring plans, while about 30 more have left for other roles, it has been confirmed.

It was in February, when The Produce World Group announced it intended to create a joint venture with LFP (Lincolnshire Field Products), based at Wykeham, near Spalding.

This would see all its brassica business go through the new arrangement, along with LFP’s brassicas business and a range of other vegetables.

As a result, the group was proposing to close its site at Butterwick, where 250 full-time workers where employed.

The group has now revelead 100 colleagues have taken redundancy and about 30 have left for other roles, with the site set to close as planned.

A spokesman said: “Consultation has now been concluded and, as envisaged, the Produce World Butterwick site will close later this year. We are pleased to say that 120 colleagues from Produce World Butterwick will transfer to Produce World LFP at Wykeham, and this process will take place over the next few months.”