Changes to make car parking ‘easier’ in Boston


A series of changes to car parking charges and payment machines could be set to take place across Boston with council bosses claiming they will make life easier for motorists.

The changes, which will round the cost up or down to allow for fewer coins to be used, will see prices mostly go down for short stay and long stay car parks, while mixed stay will be more expensive.

It will also see the evening (6-9pm) and overnight charges (9pm-8am) merged into one £1 charge from 6pm-8am.

Cabinet members approved the recommendations at a meeting on Wednesday.

Portfolio holder for car parks Coun Derek Richmond said: “We believe this will make more efficient use of more of our car parks.”

He said the council had made the change to parking because people in Boston had raised it as an issue and said this showed ‘we do listen to public comment’.

The changes could see a current one hour short stay charge go from £1.60 to £1.50, while two hours will go from £2.40 to £2.50. In long stay parks two hours will go from 80p, while four hours will go from £1.90 to £1.50.

The council is also looking to purchase new machines for the carparks at a cost of £170,829 and introduce pay by phone payment options in certain car parks - with the authority absorbing a 33p transaction cost rather than pass it on to motorists.

Boston Borough Council will also look to trial a pay by card machine - which head of built environment and decelopment Steve Lumb described as ‘more complicated’ - at the railway station where it is proposed to introduce tariffs extending to several days.

These were suggested in as £5 for two days, £7 for three and £15 for seven days.

Coun Michael Brookes said: “I think it’s a good idea to combine evening and overnight charges because a number of people have said to me they had to go back to renew their charge when they were in the middle of a function.”