Christmas key for town’s traders

Niall Armstrong of Boston BID in Strait Bargate, Boston.
Niall Armstrong of Boston BID in Strait Bargate, Boston.

Christmas will be key to the fortunes of Boston’s traders after a tough year according the town’s business figurehead.

The town centre has seen big name national chain’s Game, JJB Sports, Julian Graves, Millets and Clinton Cards all close in 2012.

Electrical retailer Yates & Greenhough and the London Road Somerfield store have also closed their doors amid tough economic conditions.

Boston BID manager Niall Armstrong said that the town’s independent traders have weathered the storm better than their national counterparts and will now be looking to Christmas for a boost.

He said: “If you look at the businesses that have gone it has generally been the national chains.

“It has been a tough year but Christmas is an opportunity – it’s a time when retailers can make their profits.

“They need to have a good Christmas to balance the books almost.”

He hopes that BID’s Christmas weekend will help kick start the festive shopping season and help out traders.

Mr Armstrong also insisted the 80-strong Christmas market on Sunday, December 2, will help – despite some fears that it will bring added competition to the town.

He said: “We are trying to do our bit to help by having a market to attract people in to the town.

“That is there to attract more people and hopefully the retailers can take advantage of that if they enter into the spirit – and a lot of them seem to be willing to do so.”