Claire makes bid for funding on TV show

Claire Hall outside Alexandra Palace following filming.
Claire Hall outside Alexandra Palace following filming.

A Kirton Holme entrepreneur has appeared on national TV in a bid to secure financial backing for her business.

Claire Hall, 33, was among the contestants on the new entertainment show The Money Pit last Thursday.

Presented by comedian Jason Manford, it has been running on Freeview channel Dave since the end of October.

The show is inspired by the growing trend of crowd-funding and sees entrepreneurs pitch for funds from a group of potential investors who must club together to get their preferred businesses to their funding targets.

While Claire won praise for her pitch and some financial backing, it was not enough to reach her £10,000 funding target.

She remained upbeat following the experience, however.

She said: “It was exposure for Percy’s that could not be bought.”

Claire said since the show sales have increased and she has been contacted by potential investors.

She added: “For my business and me it was great exposure, increasing sales at Christmas which is a busy time for me anyway.

“I am now looking at automating production to help with increasing sales which was something I was doing before the show aired and I am still seeking the ideal investor for my business.

“I have also been asked to do some public speaking at events - even after my nervous pitch.”

You can watch Claire on The Money Pit at