Draft budget approved by council board


A draft budget for 2015-16 has been approved by East Lindsey District Council leaders.

Spending plans agreed by Executive Board members include £200,000 for improvements to play parks within the district, £ 1.495m for affordable housing, £ 1.2m towards flood alleviation schemes and £1m towards a scheme to bring super fast broadband to the area.

The draft budget, set following a £1.9million (32 per cent) reduction in Government funding, would see a rise of 13 pence per month in district Council Tax for Band A households, which make up the majority in the district.

Portfolio holder for finance, John Upsall, said: “Setting this year’s draft budget has once again been an extremely difficult task for us. A reduction in funding means that we have had to highlight around £1.9million of savings for the 2015-16 year in addition to significant savings made in recent years.

Tough budgetary decisions have had to be made to ensure the council can balance its books but I feel that we will be able to deliver the required savings whilst protecting services to local people.”

The decision to approve the budget will be made at full council on February 25.

Compass Point Business Services remains on track to provide over £19m of savings over 10 years and establishing Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture is also scheduled make cost reductions in coming years.

East Lindsey District Council’s proportion of the current council tax bill is around eight per cent with the remainder divided between Lincolnshire County Council (75 per cent), Lincolnshire Police (14 per cent) and some town and 
parish councils (average three per cent).