Eagle’s manager: It could have been much worse

The scene at Eagles fish and chip shop. Photo: Darren Ruck @Dazmasterflash
The scene at Eagles fish and chip shop. Photo: Darren Ruck @Dazmasterflash

The manager of the fish and chip shop damaged after a collision last night (Thursday) has told how it ‘could have been much worse’.

Steve Upsall, manager of Eagle’s Fish and Chip Shop, on Main Ridge East wasn’t at the business at the time of the incident last night however, he has been at the business since.

Two staff members were at the time of the incident, and there were no customers downstairs, however there were customers upstairs.

Neither staff member is in for work yet, however, Mr Upsall said he would be speaking to both of them when they were.

He described how customers came downstairs from their meals and helped with the incident and thanked them for all their help.

He said: “Luckily none of the staff were serving at that end of the counter when it happened.

“It knocked the freezer on that side straight across the shop. If there had been anybody there it could have been much worse.”

He said the business had studied CCTV of the incident, which police were set to examine.

A structural engineer has been to the business and Mr Upsall is now waiting for loss adjusters to visit the premises.

He is also waiting to see police officers later today.

The outside of the business where the damage was caused is now boarded up, however, the business is open as usual.

A man has been charged in connection with the incident this morning and a police appeal has gone out over three people being looked for by officers.