Employment minister Mark Hoban backs jobs listings

Reporter Daniel Jaines stands outside the Job Centre with the new listings page being launched to help people into work. LH
Reporter Daniel Jaines stands outside the Job Centre with the new listings page being launched to help people into work. LH

A government minister has backed The Standard’s new scheme which aims to promote employment opportunities in the area.

Employment minister Mark Hoban has thrown his support behind our new job listings page, being run in conjunction with Job Centre Plus, as part of this week’s relaunch.

Employment minister Mark Hoban. NA

Employment minister Mark Hoban. NA

The new page lists the jobs available through the organisation to try to help people get back to work.

Mr Hoban said: “At a time when we know many people are having difficulty finding work it’s great to see titles, like the Boston Standard, taking a proactive approach to helping its readership connect with opportunities that are out there.”

He added the government was working hard to create an environment in which businesses flourish.

He said: “Jobcentre Plus currently has more than 4,500 vacancies on its books for Lincolnshire. So it is vital we make sure jobseekers in the area have the right skills which local employers require.

“Nowhere is this more important than for young people who may lack the skills and experience they need to get their foot on the first rung of the careers ladder.

“Through the Youth Contract we’re increasing the amount of work experience and apprentice opportunities available for young people, while our wage incentives are making it easier for businesses to employ and train young people.

“Getting people into work is my number one priority, which is why I’m happy to support the Boston Standard’s new jobs page.

“Having people in work is good for the individual, good for their families, and good for the local community as a whole.

“So by working together with local businesses and doing all we can to stimulate growth, we can ensure that no one’s potential goes to waste.”

MP Mark Simmonds echoed his Government colleague.

He said: “I am delighted that the Boston Standard has decided to boost our local economy by promoting job opportunities in Boston.

“Readily available information is key to ensuring that people who are out of work, for whatever reason, can find their way back into employment as fast as possible.

“I am hopeful that local employers will take this chance to advertise opportunities in their businesses.”

Leader of Boston Borough Council, Coun Peter Bedford, said: “I welcome this initiative by the Standard. Anything which helps the local economy is to be welcomed. The more publicity there is to help local employers fill local vacancies with local people the better.”

Ian Martin, the council’s economic development officer, said the new service fitted with the council’s work with other agencies, such as the county council, Business Link and Invest Lincolnshire, to improve the Boston economy.

See page 58 of this week’s paper for our first jobs page.