Energy savings on the way?

Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme. EMN-150910-145705001 EMN-150910-145705001
Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme. EMN-150910-145705001 EMN-150910-145705001

Residents who signed up for the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme could be one small step away from making big savings as personal offers are now on the way.

The energy switch scheme is backed by seven Lincolnshire authorities, including Boston Borough Council and the county council, and administered by iChoosr Ltd.

Lead officer for the councils Karen Lond said: “If you registered in the last auction it’s important that you watch for your personalised email or letter to see what savings you can make on your energy bills and then follow the instructions to save money over the next 12 months.

“The biggest savings are likely to be achieved by people who have either never switched, or not switched for a long time.”

There is no obligation to accept but it is an easy and straightforward process and the deadline for accepting, whether you’ve applied online or offline, is November 24.

Big Six energy companies and smaller independent suppliers competed in a fiercely contested auction to offer the best tariffs to the thousands of households who registered. Winners were Eon and Ovo Energy. Future auctions will be advertised on council websites and in the press.