‘Exciting’ broadband deal could boost Boston

Superfast broadband is being promised by 2016. NA
Superfast broadband is being promised by 2016. NA

A £48 million project to get broadband internet in Lincolnshire could bring a big boost to Boston’s economy, according to a leading councillor.

Lincolnshire County Council signed a deal with BT last week to bring superfast broadband to at least 88 per cent of homes, with the rest of homes to get at least 2Mb/s.

The aim is to complete the project by 2016.

Boston Borough Council joint deputy leader and Lincolnshire county councillor Raymond Singleton-McGuire has lobbied for better internet for the area for three-and-a-half years and believes it could bring a big boost to Boston.

The borough IT portfolio holder said: “I am very excited by this news. It is essential for practically everyone and will have knock-on and wide-ranging beneficial effects for the borough.

“It will improve commercial and public sector efficiency – councils and the health service being but two examples – and aid business growth and improve the work-life balance for people with executive jobs in the City.

“These highly-paid people will be able to work for the City just as effectively from home, here in Lincolnshire and Boston borough, where they will spend more of their money.”

The cash includes £11.2m from the county council, £4m from the district authorities, £14.3m from national government and £18.8m from BT

In addition, £300,000 from the European Regional Development Fund will be used to bring superfast speeds to Wrangle through wireless technology.