FEATURE: Volunteers rally for annual town spring clean

Litter pickers from Calders and Grandidge and Duncan and Toplis.
Litter pickers from Calders and Grandidge and Duncan and Toplis.

Once again, a small army of volunteer litter-pickers have given Boston its very own spring clean.

The annual Big Boston Clean-up returned last week, running from Monday to Thursday.

Now in its eighth year, it involves teams cleaning their way through zoned areas armed with high-visibility vests, gloves, mechanical litter pickers and black refuse sacks.

They comprise volunteers, council staff, and representatives from partner agencies and businesses.

The work is in addition to the daily efforts of the council’s street-cleaning team and all-year round volunteer litter pickers.

In all, 238 volunteers turned out to help with the clean-up last week, ranging from tiny tots to grandparents.

That number is in line with previous years, but the amount of rubbish collected fell. This, the council argues, shows its message on litter is being heard.

Jen Moore, the council’s partnerships and sustainability officer and organiser of the Big Boston Clean-up, said: “Last year we collected around six tonnes of rubbish from the streets, gutters, verges, grassed areas and riverbanks.

“But this year, with just as many volunteers, and better weather, it is down to four-and-a-half tonnes.

“I think the message is getting out and Boston really is becoming cleaner and tidier.”

Over the past eight years, more than 5,700 volunteers have got involved in the Big Boston Clean-up.

Together, they have lifted 75.5 tonnes of rubbish from the streets and waterways of the town.