Fish merchant scales heights

Kamil Kolancali, 57, of Fishtoft, with his awards.
Kamil Kolancali, 57, of Fishtoft, with his awards.

A FISHTOFT fish merchant has landed a major trade award from one of Europe’s biggest fish markets - his second in two years.

Kâmil Kolancali, 57, owner of Nanne and Son, has been recognised as the ‘highest trader’ in Ostend, Belgium, in 2009, receving a commemorative plate from the city’s mayor.

It repeats an achievement from 2008, when he was honoured as ‘biggest trader’ for outdoing all others in terms of quantity at Ostend’s famous fish auctions.

“It is one of the biggest fish markets in Europe,” said Mr Kolancali, explaining it attracts traders from as far afield as Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

“They come from everywhere,” he said.

Mr Kolancali has been in Boston for more than 10 years. The town is one of the fishing ports along the east coast of England from which he buys seafood to sell at the Belgium auctions, but also at wholesale markets in France, the Netherlands and Grimsby.

He says he feels his work has a positive and wide-reaching impact on the economy. This stretches from the people packing the fish and those who run the auctions to the traders and the businesses that go on to buy the fish from them.

“When I supply fish to Grimsby or Ostend fish market people make a living out of it,” he said. “It contributes to the economy.”

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