Four council workers earn £100k

COUNCIL employees in our area accounted for four of the 2,295 council staff who were paid more than £100,000 last year.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance released their Town Hall Rich List last week.

Boston Borough Council was responsible for one of the £100k-plus club, East Lindsey District Council two and the fourth is shared between the two with a salary split.

The list stated that in the 2009-10 financial year, BBC’s strategic director and deputy chief executive Phil Drury - in this newly-formed role - received remuneration of £101,751.

However, the statistics also show the chief executive received £38,251 - a 66.6 per cent decrease of the remuneration handed to chief executive Mick Gallagher in the previous financial year.

However, this statistic is flawed as current chief executive Richard Harbord took over from Mr Gallagher at the end of July last year.

The annualised salary for Mr Gallagher’s post in 2009-10 was £91,932. Mr Harbord’s salary for the final five months of the year was not disclosed.

The previous year, 2008-09, BBC paid out a further £101,671 to a director of community services and deputy chief executive. However, this role is now defunct and has been replaced by a second strategic director, Rob barlow, whose role is shared between BBC and East Lindsey.

ELDC’s £100k club members are chief executive Nigel Howells (£159,838) and strategic director Jane Froggatt (£104,960).