Great Expectations for Charles Dickens’ great great grandson’s solo show

Gerald Dickens
Gerald Dickens

The relative of one of Britain’s best storytellers returns to Boston for a solo version of one of his great great grandad’s greatest tales.

Gerald Dickens will be performing Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations at Blackfriars Theatre, in Spain Lane, on Saturday - the day after the novelist’s birthday.

The actor, who last visited the town in 2009, to perform an Audience with Charles Dickens, has adapted the book into a one-man show - including performing all the different characters himself.

He said: “It’s going to be great to come back to Boston, I remember it being a really beautiful theatre and a lovely town.”

He said the audience will find all the characters and will be drawn in by the simple sets and costumes.

He added: “This is not a serious academic being at school being taught Great Expectations. It’s storytelling, all the great characters are going to be there for the audience.”

Gerald has been performing since he was nine, and has been on the theatre scene for around 20 years.

He began performing his great-great-grandfather’s works in 1993, after being invited to do so for a charity celebration of the 150th anniversary of A Christmas Carol.

He said his favourite character to play in Great Expectations was ‘probably Miss Havisham’.

He said: “She’s so mysterious. A strong, powerful character, who controls everything in Pip’s life.”

The production starts at 7.30pm on Saturday.

Tickets cost £14.

To book call 01205 363108 or visit