Housing group makes top 10 of landlords

Longhurst Group chief executive Julie Doyle.
Longhurst Group chief executive Julie Doyle.

A regional housing association with a base in Boston has been ranked in the top 10 social housing landlords in the country.

Longhurst Group has recently received the recognition from 24housing as part of the national publication’s Top 50 Landlords feature.

Coming in at number nine, the organisation was complimented on its ‘clear strategy for growth and development’, also referencing the issue of a £250m bond that will aid the delivery of 700 affordable homes, value for money savings of £1.8m, and how customers’ finances have been boosted by almost £1m through a dedicated money advice team.

The recognition comes hot on the heels of the group being named as the 31st largest builder in the housing sector, following a survey carried out by Inside Housing Magazine.

The Group delivered 480 homes in the last financial year and were ranked 20th in the biggest pipeline development list, with the business expecting to deliver a further 768 homes in 2018/19.

Julie Doyle, chief executive of Longhurst Group, said: “We are delighted to have been rated so highly by our peers and the judging panel. To be seen as one of top ten social housing landlords highlights our significant progression as an organisation.

“Everything we do is about improving people’s lives, from building new homes and enhancing our existing communities to providing dedicated money advice and care and support, we are focused on enhancing the wellbeing of our customers, as well as their physical, mental and financial health.”