‘I turned down Oxford university place for apprenticeship’

Toni Clough
Toni Clough

A carpentry apprentice from Boston who turned down a place at the University of Oxford to pursue a vocational route is visiting schools to promote her career path.

Toni Clough has spent the past 18 months working with Kier in Boston fitting kitchen, floorboards and doors and will move on to an advanced apprenticeship in September.

She said: “I can’t recommend an apprenticeship highly enough. It is great learning a trade and being part of a team.

“I think it is important to encourage a new generation to think about apprenticeships as an option.”

Rhian Lawton, a CITB-ConstructionSkills Careers Adviser, said: “National Apprenticeship Week offers a really valuable opportunity to show that, even in challenging economic times, apprentices are enjoying the dual benefits of earning a wage while learning a trade.

“Toni will move on to do her Advanced Apprenticeship in September which will allow her to develop a higher level of practical skills and a more in-depth knowledge of the industry.

“The construction industry needs a constant pipeline of fresh talent to meet future demands, and we hope that young people across the East of England are taking note of everything that’s happening this week and finding out more about apprenticeships.”