In this week’s Boston Standard

Front page, April 17
Front page, April 17

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store in this week’s Boston Standard, on sale now...

* Charity runner from the area caught up in the Boston Massachusetts explosions - plus figures from the town send their sympathies to the ‘daughter city’

* UKIP leader Nigel Farage visits Boston - and eyes election success here

* Canon Robin Whitehead speaks about his ‘emotional farewell’ as vicar of Boston

* The borough council find dangerous conditions at nine houses of multiple occupancy in the town centre

* A sewer collapse in Frampton is to cost half a million pounds to repair

* The inquest of a man who killed himself by taking a mix of drugs and drink reveals father also later died after making the discovery

* Another inquest reveals mystery still surrounding the cause of a car fire on New Years’ Eve in which a body was found

* A private company or charity could soon be running the pharmacy at Pilgrim Hospital as the service has been out out to tender

* Depression led a drunk to steal plus the latest court listings

* A county councillor from Boston is set to take on Ed Balls at the next General Election

* Gas explosion narrowly avoided at cottage blaze

*IN SPORT: We preview the cricket season, two boxers are Midland’s champs and Boston Rugby Club clinches the title

*PLUS: Win an iPad and a meal for four at the Wheatsheaf, in Hubberts Bridge