Inseparable sisters end job the same place!

Paige and Brooke Motson
Paige and Brooke Motson

Two inseparable sisters from Boston are delighted to have ended their long search for jobs...with both ending up at the same store.

Paige and Brooke Motson were referred to Ingeus through the Government’s Work Programme and both are now working at the town’s new Range store.

Paige, 21, had gained some work experience in waitressing, as a dental assistant and in admin roles, while having left college a year ago, 19-year-old Brooke was becoming increasingly frustrated in the search for her first job.

Ingeus helped the two write their CVs and prepare for their interviews.

Brooke said: “We were interviewed within an hour of each other and then thrilled to hear we had both been successful.”

Store manager Oliver Gayford said the girls were two of 11 new employees found through the Work Programme.