Inside this week’s Boston Standard

In this week's Boston Standard 23/01/13
In this week's Boston Standard 23/01/13

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store in this week’s Boston Standard, on sale now...

* We look at the roads that are sending you potty about potholes

* Stephen Sleaford gives evidence as his murder trial moves on

* A selection of your snow pictures

* Borough budget aims to tackle a fiscal cliff

* A parish council is fighting to get crossing lights

* Voyeur filmed student in tanning parlour

* Boston’s immigration issues are raised and discussed on BBC Question Time

* School announces expansion plan

* Blackfriars Arts Complex opens new studios in our nostalgia pages

* Commissioner’s rallying call for volunteer police

* Tougher rules for day-release prisoners at North Sea Camp

*IN SPORT; Boston United sign Steve Spriggs and Paul Mayo

*PLUS: Grab a free latte with Crumbs café and complete our £10 per person holiday offer