Jobseeker’s Allowance count rises for second month in a row


The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) in and around Boston has increased for the second month in a row.

The borough’s claimant count climbed to 807 during February according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics this morning (March 18).

In January it was 783, while in December it was 736.

January’s rise followed four consecutive months of decline in the borough.

However, an increase in the figure at the start of the year is characteristic for Boston, having been observed each year for the past five or so years.

Perhaps more telling is the year-on-year comparison, with February 2014’s count being substantially higher at 1,081 - in 2013, it was higher again at 1,388.

The proportion of people of a working age claiming JSA in the borough now stands at 2.0 per cent, up from 1.9 per cent on the previous month.

This compares to regional and national averages of 1.9 per cent and 2.0 per cent respectively, both of which did not change during February.