Just three current Post Office staff make move to Boston’s WH Smith run branch

WHSmith, Boston, with Post Office signs and new automatic doors.
WHSmith, Boston, with Post Office signs and new automatic doors.

Only three staff from Boston’s main post office have taken up roles in the new WH Smith branch – which takes over services this week.

The Post Office confirmed that most of the 12 staff at Wide Bargate will not take up the offer to be re-employed by WH Smith, which takes overas the main branch tomorrow (Thursday).

No-one will ‘directly transfer’ – it is thought the three staff to make the move have taken voluntary redundancy and then applied for positions with WH Smith.

A spokesman for WH Smith confirmed three of those had been accepted into the new branch. Its Post Office section will have eight roles.

APost Office spokesman re-assured said: “We are working closely with WHSmith to ensure that all staff at the new branch are fully trained and would like to assure customers that they will receive the same high levels of service at Boston Post Office following its relocation.

“Customers will also benefit from an extra nine and a half hours of service every week, with service on Sundays.

“The new location is very close to the current premises, and we are pleased that this relocation will provide a viable Post Office branch, safeguarding services in the long-term.”

The landmark Wide Bargate Post Office – purpose built for the service in 1907 – closes for the final time today.

WH Smith has already undergone a redesign inside to clear space in the entrance and has had automatic sliding doors installed this week.

The Post Office has promised the WH Smith location will include a Post & Go self-service kiosk and a private consultation room where customers can discuss financial and services with staff.

It will have five ‘serving positions’ which will be a mixture of one screened and four open-plan counters. These have been put in the back of the store.