Lap dancing club given new licence

A LAP dancing club has been granted a new extended licence by Boston Borough Council.

Fully-nude venue Dream Girls, on Craythorne Lane, Boston, will now be allowed to open from 5.30pm until 3.30am Wednesday to Sunday to try to draw more business in from corporate customers and ‘give them a bit extra time to make money,’ according to manager Steve Abel.

The change was made at a meeting of the council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee as part of a new sexual entertainment venue licence which had to be imposed because of a change in the Government’s miscellaneous provisions act.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, a council legal advisor said the decision had been made in line with the authority’s policy and ‘disregarding any moral views in terms of objection’.

Before the decision, Coun Ossy Snell said: “If everything is run exactly by the rules we are going to have difficulty saying no.”

Mr Abel said he did not anticipate any issues at the club.

He told the committee: “We are fully aware of the problems that can occur, but we are focused on making sure these issues don’t happen. It would damage our reputation.

“The premises has been operating for four years and in that time, as far as I know, we have had no objections from the police, no issues and no objections to how it has been run.”

During the hearing, when it was revealed Coun Gloria Smith used to work as a waitress in a strip club, several questions were levelled about the layout of the club and the conduct of the five or six girls who work there.

Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire asked questions concerning the location of the private dance area, where customers pay for a private dance from one of the dancers. Mr Abel reassured the committee that the private dance area was curtained off and manned by security staff.

He added that nine CCTV cameras were trained to cover all areas of the club constantly and several members of security staff patrolled the building through its opening hours.

Mr Abel said customers had to pay for a lap dance, a table dance or a strip show, and strict rules governed both their conduct and that of the girls during the three-minute performance. Neither one is allowed to touch the other, and if any ‘lewd conduct’ takes place, the guilty party is taken out of the club. Coun Paul Mould queried if the women were allowed to touch one another during ‘two-girl dances’. Mr Abel responded that they were not.

The ground floor of the club has a stage with poles for the girls to dance around.

Coun Mary Wright expressed concern for the welfare of the women, questioning their safety when they leave the club at the end of the night. She added: “These young people are meeting with clients who they have never met before. It’s sort of stranger to stranger.”

However, Mr Abel said all staff were escorted to their cars and had to contact him when they arrived home.