Motorbike shop is happy to relocate

Kirton Business Park
Kirton Business Park

Lincolnshire County Council is welcoming a local motorbike shop to the Kirton Distribution Park, and is delighted Duckworth Land Rover is also hoping to move in.

SportsBikeShop, currently located in Haven Business Park, Boston, has completed the sale of the plot at Kirton Park, but the moving date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

The owners of the bike shop say it’s a great move because it puts the business in a prime location to expand and grow.

Chris Winters, business development manager at SportsBikeShop, said: “We are incredibly happy to be finally moving to Kirton Distribution Park. It will give us the opportunity to grow as a company and expand our business.

“The business park is a fantastic opportunity, because it is purpose built and is ideal for our needs.

“It will provide us with future expansion and a larger shop presence, which is a fantastic opportunity for the local area.”

SportsBikeShop will be located near an existing occupant, Murlec, who moved to the park last year.

They are a small local electrical contractor who recently increased their staff numbers significantly and plan to expand further as a business over the next year.

Early this month, Duckworth Land Rover, a company driven by Land Rover UK, submitted its application to Lincolnshire County Council to join SportsBikeShop and Murlec at the site.

The application includes plans for Duckworth Land Rover to expand their business, and cater for the increase in brand demand as well as to produce new jobs in the area. A decision is likely to be made shortly with plans to hopefully move in this year, if approved.

The council still has six plots still available, ranging from two to eight acres and has currently got ongoing discussions for plots with two other businesses.