New barrier could protect Wormgate

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PICTURE the scene – a historic, cobbled street in Boston bustles with eager shoppers as diners relax on restaurants’ pave-side tables and chairs.

This is the vision of Wormgate local businesses and borough councillors are now working towards – and initial plans are already in motion.

“Wormgate is a great area with great history, being the old medieval entrance into the town,” said Steve Lumb, Boston Borough Council’s head of planning.

“But unfortunately people have been using it as a rat run, causing damage to the road.”

Motorists have been illegally using the pedestrianised access-only Wormgate, leading to subsidance on the cobbled street and surface water not draining away.

Following meetings with borough councillors, Boston BID and local business owners, a proposal was put to Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) for a barrier to be put in Fountain Lane, which leads into Wormgate.

Ward councillor Carol Taylor said: “If we get the barrier it will become a properly pedestrianised shopping street which will attract more businesses here.

“In the long term, we would like to see the cobbled street resurfaced and for businesses like Bizzarro restaurant to be able to put tables and chairs out on the pavement to create a really inviting street scene.”

There are currently around six empty properties in Wormgate but Coun Taylor said they would like to attract more niche shops in keeping with the street’s historic atmoshere, such as antiques and vintage clothing stores.

“With the barrier in place, the whole atmosphere of the area will be improved.” added Mr Lumb.

It is proposed people and businesses who live along Wormgate will have a key for the barrier.

Coun Taylor added: “Once the barrier’s in place, we will hold a street party to celebrate the future of Wormgate.”

Speaking about the proposed barrier, LCC senior highways officer Gareth Milner said: “The businesses will receive a letter shortly seeking their views informally about this.

“If they are in favour of the idea, we’ll look to start the formal consultation process in May.”

He added: “We are also going to do some work to alleviate the issues with standing water on Wormgate.”