New firm offers ‘floors for paws’

Dog Belle with Tracy's daughter Katy pictured on one of Floors for Paws' flooring ranges.
Dog Belle with Tracy's daughter Katy pictured on one of Floors for Paws' flooring ranges.

A new company in Boston has developed and launched a range of flooring specifically designed with pets in mind.

‘Floors for Paws’ is the brainchild of Boston mum Tracy Topliss - who came up with the idea after seeing her disabled dog Belle sliding about on her laminate flooring and tiles. She now runs the business alongside company director Mo Creasy.

“The concept came about when we adopted a Pyrenean Mountain Dog with a seriously deformed back leg,” said Tracy. “Looking for ‘safe’ flooring was a nightmare and the tiles and laminate in my house were like an ice-skating rink to her. Roll on three years and we now have a very happy three-legged dog and a new business.”

Tracy said she and Mo began looking into flooring ranges a couple of years ago and saw there was nothing out there specifically aimed at the pet market. Floors for Paws’ flooring features a deep grain which gives grip, while the double wear layer makes it extra hardwearing. Although the flooring is aimed at pets, these qualities are also ideal for children and busy families.

“My floor has had paint, glitter, pen, play dough, numerous muddy paws and wellie boots on it and it still looks like new,” said Tracy.

Tracy is no stanger to running a successful business - having previously run two restaurants in Boston - for which she won two Boston Business of the Year awards alongside husband Paul. Working on the new flooring business has seen a ‘massive change’ to the couple’s lifestyle, as Tracy explains. “I think the biggest thing was getting used to having every night and weekend off. We didn’t realise how much life we missed when we had the restaurant as we were too busy working 70 plus hours a week. We definitely have a better work/life balance now.”

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