New fishing lakes ready to reel in anglers

A new set of fishing lakes, three years in the making, has opened near Boston.

Monarch Lakes, in Far Drove, Hubbert’s Bridge, welcomed its first anglers at Easter.

It was built by owners and operators Gary and Karen Futter.

The husband-and-wife team have run First Steps Vocational Training Centre – an alternative education provider – at the site for 17 years and decided to use a three-acree plot of land going unused there for fishing lakes, partly as a resource for the centre’s learners, but also as a new business venture.

Between digging the lakes (three years ago) and filling them with water, adding the fish and allowing them to grow, plus landscaping, it has been quite the undertaking.

Gary said he was now ‘looking forward to the future’ as the lakes begin to get known among anglers.

There are two lakes at the site, both about one acre in size, one called Hope for coarse fishing and the other called Glory for specimen fishing where anglers aim to catch larger-than-average varieties of fish.

Hope has about 400 common and mirror carp, three ghost carp and numerous varieties of coarse fish such as perch, tench, bream, roach, rudd, chubb, barbel, and grass carp. The total stock is 500-plus.

Glory has 75 fish weighing up to 28lb, with mirror, common and ghost carp, plus barbel, grass carp and perch.

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