New group asks: “What would you like to see to boost Boston?”

Jenny Elwick
Jenny Elwick

A new group aiming to boost business in Boston is calling out to firms to tell it their suggestions to improve the town.

The Boston Town Team met at the Assembly Rooms last week.

Although the turnout was said to be low the team’s board of directors was boosted by two new members and ideas were raised for how to improve Boston’s fortunes.

Suggestions included having more visitor events to attract people into the town - as well as making better use of Boston’s history and tourism opportunities.

Jenny Elwick, network development officer for Boston Area Chamber, said: “Even though we had a low turnout, the meeting put a stake in the ground to start a dialogue with businesses about what they want to see in their Town Team business plan.

“Those who joined us were obviously passionate, and it was encouraging to see them interacting with each other. During the meeting we also looked at the great things being achieved by the Town Teams in Gainsborough and Spalding, which they’ve been able to do when you have the right plan and people in place.

“We need to know what Boston people want to see happening in their town and what challenges they feel are preventing change from happening to enhance the vitality and viability of Boston.

“To gather this information, I would like to urge more businesses to contact me. I’m available for one-to-one discussions with individuals so their feedback can still be included.”

To contact the town team email or call 07912 579880.