New light set to be a ‘game-changer’

Say hello to the Halo ... Morris Site Machinery's 'game-changing' lamp.
Say hello to the Halo ... Morris Site Machinery's 'game-changing' lamp.

A business with a base near Boston is set to reveal a new ‘game-changing’ piece of lighting equipment to an audience in its thousands.

The Halo lamp head is the work of Morris Site Machinery, a leading British manufacturer and distributor of on-site machinery.

The light delivers 1,200W diffused light across 360 degrees from four segments, each one comprising three 100W LED modules.

It has been developed and manufactured to provide an even, impressive spread of light with an anti-glare diffuser which can operate in extreme conditions.

Morris Site Machinery says the light will be suitable for a range of uses, but prove particularly useful on roadsides and motorways, at airports, quarries, and car parks, and in terms of trackside lighting.

Richard Denholm, sales director at the company, which has its manufacturing and new product development operation based in Gosberton, said: “We are excited and proud of this new product which will take the on-site lighting market to new levels. It will deliver game-changing benefits and improved performance.

We are excited and proud of this new product. It is like nothing seen before.

“The Halo is like nothing seen before. It represents the future of anti-glare lighting and promises to improve working conditions for users, which is so important to the industry.”

The light will be unveiled at this month’s The Showman’s Show. The event is billed as the UK’s original and most comprehensive exhibition of products, services and entertainment for the festival, outdoor and special event sector.

Mr Denholm added: “We’re looking forward to demonstrating what makes [Halo] so special and are inviting people to come to our stand at the Showman’s Show to see it in action for themselves.”