One chain store set to leave Boston...while another insists ‘we’re staying’

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Menswear chain Greenwoods is closing its Boston store, while budget retailer QD Stores insists it has no plans to leave the town.

Greenwoods says it is leaving its Market Place store because of the cost of the rent.

QD Store on Strait Bargate, Boston.

QD Store on Strait Bargate, Boston.

Richard Burke, Greenwoods commercial manager, suggested the store might reopen at another premises in town though, stating: “Re-opening is possible, but this can’t be confirmed at this time.”

QD Stores’ former Woolworth location in Strait Bargate is listed for rent on a commercial property website. The property comprises more than 14,000 square feet, with an advertised annual rent of £195,000.

A spokesman for QD said the chain has no plans to leave Boston but was unable to explain the listing for rent.