‘Ongoing problems’ result in pub losing its licence

The Red Cow Hotel, Wide Bargate, Boston.
The Red Cow Hotel, Wide Bargate, Boston.

A Boston pub has had its alcohol premises licence revoked after ‘ongoing problems’ with it breaching its conditions over an 18 month period.

The borough council’s licencing sub-committee revoked the licence for The Red Cow Hotel, on Wide Bargate, at a review hearing yesterday (Thursday).



The decision about The Red Cow Hotel, on Wide Bargate, Boston, has had their Alcohol Premises Licence revoked by Boston District Council.

Lincolnshire Police’s Alcohol Licencing Department said there had been ‘ongoing problems with the pub continually breaching their licence conditions over an 18 month period’.

The sub-committee agreed with the police that the premises had been undermining the licensing objectives by continually opening beyond permitted hours, not having Security Industry Authority registered door staff on duty and not using polycarbonate drinking vessels.

The committee found that both the premises licence holder and the designated premises supervisor were failing in their duties and responsibilities under the Licensing Act.

Sergeant Kim Enderby from the Alcohol Licensing Department said: “Over the past eighteen months this Pub was repeatedly coming to Police attention. Initially we attempted to work with the premises to resolve the problems but found them to be obstructive and unwilling to change their behaviour.

“The conditions on the Premises Licence had been imposed at an earlier Review Hearing and were in place to deter problems and protect the public using the pub. Despite knowing this the premises continued to repeatedly breach their licence conditions. Working with the local policing team we began to gather evidence, plainclothes officers from my department also attended to monitor how the pub was being run.

“This decision sends a clear message to all Licensed Premises, operate responsibly within the law or face the risk of sanctions and ultimately the loss of your Licence”

There is a 21 day appeal process; if no appeal is submitted then the revocation comes into action.