Online safety talk from net giant Google

The Google team with MP Matt Warman.
The Google team with MP Matt Warman.

Representatives from major internet corporation Google visited Boston on Friday to teach about online safety.

The internet giant was visiting the town along with some other cities after a survey of some 2,000 people across the UK revealed that more than 27 per cent had online services they use hacked or targeted by hackers in the last two years.

Their own data showed that people from Boston were among the top numbers to search for security related queries.

Boston MP Matt Warman, who was previously the Consumer Technology Editor at the Daily Telegraph, kicked off the event at the Princess Royal Sports Arena before a presentation was given by Google’s senior privacy engineer Caitlin Pantos.

Ms Pantos said: “We’re here to talk about some of the trends we’re seeing in the world of online safety, security and privacy.

“We set the stage with that and then we went through some concrete tips and pieces of guidance that can help folks when they’re online and staying safe.”

The talk included setting up strong passwords, tools available should phones be lost of stolen and how to do a ‘comprehensive’ privacy and security checks, before a question and answer and one-to-one session.”

Top Boston searches included worries about phishing and hacking, and the Google employees were hoping to get more information about what people were concerned about.

Mr Warman said: “I think it’s great that Google are able to offer advice to people where it’s needed and I’m very keen to support them in that endeavour.

Searches for some security questions have increased dramatically, according to Google data.

‘Email been hacked’, ‘report phishing attacks’ and ‘find my phone’ are the top three questions searched on Google in Boston.

The largest increases overall in the UK over the last few years have been:

○○ Email been hacked - up by more than 5,000 per cent

○○ Phished account - up by more than 5,000 per cent

○○ Website scam check - up by more than 700 per cent

○○ Change my password - up by more than 300 per cent

○○ Identity theft protection - up by more than 250 per cent

○○ Find my phone, Find my lost phone and lost my phone – all up by more than 5,000 per cent