Pet food business expands operation

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A Boston pet food firm has expanded its operation with what is in one case a first for the business and in another a suspected first for the UK.

Laughing Dog has released onto the market a new range of wet, grain free, dog food, having previously only made dry dog food before. It sits under the brand Farm Kitchen, with Farm Bakery covering the dry dog food side of the business.

In addition, it has launched what is thought to be the UK’s first-ever grain-free baked mixer meal – the Gloriously Grain Free Baked Mixer Meal.

Mixer meals are designed to be used alongside fresh meat, tinned or wet foods or as part of a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet to provide a little crunch to an already complete diet.

Speaking of the launch of the wet completes, general manager Brian Allen said: “We are very proud to launch our new Farm Kitchen range, creating a grain-free wet complete is a hugely influential brand decision for Laughing Dog and we are delighted to incorporate it alongside our existing range of dry completes and mixer meals. We pride ourselves on only using the best quality ingredients, and our wet completes are no different – our nutritionists have developed a grain free complete that’s packed with both delicious flavour and essential nutritional benefits.”

Speaking on the launch of the grain-free baked mixer meal, nutritionist Laura Bulter said: “We are very proud of our baked Grain Free Mixer – and as far as we are aware it is the first in the market place among baked mixer meals.

“It has been packed full of beneficial ingredients along with our unique blend of botanical herbs including rosehip, milk thistle and liquorice root to name but a few.

“Additionally, the baking process creates a uniquely crunchy texture which has the added benefit of helping to support good dental hygiene.”

Laughing Dog, part of Fold Hills Food, in Old Leake, is one of the few pet food manufacturers in the UK to bake its entire range of dry dog food.